Darren Jew
Whales Underwater
Darren Jew has photographed the planet’s landscapes and wildlife from Antarctica to Zambia over his 30-year career–on mountain peaks, desert plains and beneath the Ocean’s surface. After photography studies at the Queensland College of Art and work in darkrooms and commercial studios, Darren spent eight years as photographer for the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, where his photographic skill found harmony with his profound love of nature.


Jim Abernethy
Scuba Diver Adventures

Based in South Florida, innovated and set the bar for diving with large predatory sharks without a diver cage. For over 30 years JASA has been the premier outfitter for up close and personal encounters, in addition to world-class photography opportunities, with tiger, great hammerhead, oceanic white tip, bull, lemon and whale sharks. He is best known as a passionate crusader for shark protection.


Nadia Aly
Scuba Diver Life

Nadia scuba dives around the world in an effort to learn more about the oceans that surround us and share her experiences and findings with the world. Nadia is focused on making her company Scuba Diver Life the number resource for divers & ocean enthusiasts. She also hopes to educate people about ocean conservation issues and events around the world, through digital content and community.


Joshua Holko
Born in Melbourne, Australia, Joshua is a full-time professional landscape, nature and wildlife photographer. A passionate photographer, teacher and adventurer he runs workshops and expeditions for other photographers and travellers to some of the world’s wildest and remotest regions.
Specialising in the Polar and sub-Polar regions of the globe, his work celebrates the extreme latitudes of the Polar environment. An ambassador for the Polar Regions he gave up the corporate world to pursue his true passion for photography.


Scott Portelli
Scotts is an award-winning wildlife, nature, aerial and underwater photographer with a background in journalism and media. His photography has been highly awarded internationally and is recognised for its unique ability to capture rare moments in time.


Abraham Joffe
An internationally award-winning Australian cinematographer whose documentary films currently screen on the National Geographic Channel and Netflix globally. A life-long nature lover, diver and filmmaker. He knew from an early age that combining these passions would be his life’s calling.


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