Shem Compion

Shem Compion is an adventurer, nature photographer, creative, author and photography hide builder. His full-time existence is wildlife and nature photography, one of the few remaining professionals in the field today.  Shem loves to celebrate creative photography by exploring every aspect of the natural world, making him one of the most diverse and celebrated natural history photographers, whose work has been awarded and published all over the world.  Born in Africa, Shem travels the world to share his stunning images, his knowledge and his deep natural history experience with other people.


Shem's Dream

After discovering his love of photography, Shem decided the best way to become wildlife photographer was to live like one.  He sold his belongings, quit his work and for 7 months travelled up Africa in a Landrover exploring all the famous reserves to live his dream; namely to exist as a full time wildlife photographer. This adventurous trip to many remote and far off places is where he captured many of his first iconic images - ones that would propel his professional career forward. From those carefree days, he never looked back.

"I had the privilege of growing up on a farm where a lot of free roaming wildlife and birds occurred. For a young lad like myself it was bliss."
11th - 24th July 2018
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"I am fascinated more by art and beauty than by science and while those same friends are now leading biologists in their fields, I am the creative, where I was born to be."
Shem Compion

In 2011, Shem built the first dedicated underground photography hides in Africa from which to view animals, birds and elephants at eye level. The hide has become a marvel throughout the photographic world, with people travelling from every corner of the globe to capture subjects in unique angles and perspectives. The hide is testament to Shem’s creative photographic skills combined with his deep passion for nature. His naturalist skills and creative photographic mind have allowed him opportunities to work with the BBC Natural history Unit on BBC Planet Earth series and both series of the ‘Tales by Light” series, which was broadcast by National Geographic Australia and can be found on Netflix. His work has been featured in top end publications worldwide and his images have won acclaim in some of the most prestigious competitions around the world.

Being a creative, Shem is constantly developing new ways to work with his images. From books, publications, calendars, commercial shoots and other media, Shem uses his images for the good of nature. Indeed these are all secondary to Shem’s real passion, that of spending time out in nature creatively capturing new images with new vision. Alone or with his clients.

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