Joshua Holko

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Joshua Holko is full-time professional landscape, nature and wildlife photographer. A passionate photographer, teacher and adventurer he runs workshops and expeditions for other photographers and travellers to some of the world’s wildest and remotest regions.
Specialising in the Polar and sub-Polar regions of the globe, his work celebrates the extreme latitudes of the Polar environment. An ambassador for the Polar Regions he gave up the corporate world to pursue his true passion for photography.

Joshua's Work

Joshua has worked extensively throughout Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, North and South America, China, Europe, Iceland, Norway, Greenland, the Arctic and Antarctica. In Australia Joshua is officially represented by Philip Kulpa and the Source Photographica Gallery. International representation includes the Wilderness Gallery at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and the Aspen Gallery in Aspen USA. His work has also been exhibited at international shows and expos across the USA and Europe including Photokina in Germany and PhotoPlus in New York.

His photography has won both Gold and Silver with Distinction awards at the prestigious Australian Professional Photography Awards (APPA) as well as winning other internationally acclaimed awards such as the World Extreme Environment People's Choice Award. Joshua is regulary published in numerous magazines and journals, including B&W + Color, National Geographic, Canadian Geographic, F11 Magazine, The Australian Photography and Gallery Compendium, Wild, Australian Photography, Better Photography, Better Pictures and the highly respected Silvershotz Journal.

"The Arctic is a dynamic place with its constant shifting of icebergs and glaciers. It is an ever-changing environment that keeps me as a photographer very active and motivated."
25 July - 4 August 2018
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"There is a quality to the light in the polar regions that I find extremely intoxicating and that continually draws me back."
Joshua Holko

Joshua believes very strongly in the purity of photography. His photographs are single image captures without HDR (High Dynamic Range) or multi-image compositing techniques. He does not focus stack or blend of multiple exposures or combine images.

He learned the craft of photography by shooting 35mm transparencies. Transparencies had very little exposure latitude and outside of a third of a stop either side of a correct exposure the slide was either over or under exposed and destined for the trash. Learning the hard way, Joshua was forced correctly expose in-camera, something that he continues to achieve shooting digital today.

He shoots with Canon digital cameras in RAW and post-processing in Adobe Lightroom. Adjustments include: white Balance, color and tone, sharpening and equivalent techniques to darkroom dodging and burning. Any excessive noise or grain from high ISO captures is treated in Lightroom with subtle adjustment of the Noise Sliders. Any sensor dust spots are removed in post production - but that is the extent of his digital cloning or manipulation.

He feels very strongly in faithfully reproducing the natural colours and light captured in the field. Never to create something that wasn't there.

He is passionate on passing on his photographic methodology to his clients whilst on expedition.

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