Darren Jew

Darren Jew has photographed the planet’s landscapes and wildlife from Antarctica to Zambia over his 30-year career–on mountain peaks, desert plains and beneath the Ocean’s surface. After photography studies at the Queensland College of Art and work in darkrooms and commercial studios, Darren spent eight years as photographer for the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, where his photographic skill found harmony with his profound love of nature.

The last two decades have seen Darren pursue his passion for capturing and sharing the natural World, producing sought-after nature, travel and scientific images both above and below the water; selling fine art prints; undertaking magazine commissions and; leading photo tours to the World’s great wildlife, landscape and marine destinations. A certified SCUBA diver since age 14, his love for the ocean is expressed through his award-winning underwater images. Along with the many challenges peculiar to underwater photography, bringing the majesty of the undersea world to the surface and sharing its wonders with the broader community are the main things that drive Darren’s passion for photography.

"Of all the things I've photographed in my life, I enjoy photographing the ocean the most. It's my love. It's my passion. The creatures within it, the way the light falls in the sea."
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"The best encounters with whales are the ones where they're interested and curious about the swimmers in the water and they'll come right up, look you in the eye. That's quite a profound moment when a whale looks you in the eye."
Darren Jew

Darren's extensive client includes Australian Geographic; Sport Diver; National Geographic; CSIRO; Tourism Australia; Tourism Queensland; Greenpeace and WWF. Darren is one of only 12 Australian photographers acknowledged as a Canon Master. He recently starred in the documentary series ‘Tales by Light’ focusing on a select number of the world’s best photographers and is viewable on Netflix world-wide. Darren’s unique vision has seen him named Canon/AIPP Australian Science and a 5-time winner of the Environment and Nature Photographer of the Year.

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