Daniel De Granville
Photographer - Biologist

Daniel De Granville is a Biologist with post-graduate certification in Scientific Journalism, ecotourism guide and nature photographer. Born in Brazil and having spent the past 20 years between Bonito and the Pantanal, Daniel is currently the director of Photo in Natura, a company dedicated to photography and nature tourism, where he works as a freelance photographer, instructor on professional courses, customized tour operator in natural areas and naturalist guide for special interest travelers. He has worked as a producer and fixer for shows that were recently aired in channels such as NatGeo, Animal Planet and Discovery.

Daniel in his own words

"Biology became part of my professional life prior to photography, but my connections with nature come from much longer ago, since I was a kid and didn’t even have to think about a career. I still remember my mom’s reaction on the day she went into my bedroom and found the walls covered with hairy caterpillars, which I had brought home in a shoebox and wanted to ‘care for until they turned into butterflies’. Due to this strong bond with wildlife since my childhood, associating these two activities – photography and biology – and making a profession out of them has been, more than a planned objective, a natural tendency. To know animals both in theory and with hands on, and to like them a lot, is crucial to get the images that I’m looking for.

"To me, the most important of all in this job, besides persistence, patience, concern with minimum details and a restless personality, is to adopt an ethical attitude towards natural environments."
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"Anacondas are actually quite shy around humans, and likely have much more to fear from us than we do them."
Daniel De Granville

"I never accept to cause an excessive disturbance in a certain place just to get the image that I want. Second, I always feel obliged to pay nature back for every good thing that it has provided me with until today. Showing my photos is one of the means that I have to reach this objective. If people get sensitized upon seeing these images and raise their awareness and admiration about nature, I consider that my mission has been accomplished."

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