Abraham Joffe ACS
Cinematographer - Director

Abraham Joffe ACS is an internationally award-winning Australian cinematographer who has gained a strong reputation for his visuals and story-telling. He has always been captivated by the power of the moving image, and knew from an early age that this would be his life’s calling.

Abraham’s love of nature has taken him to 55 countries on all seven continents. He is drawn to documenting animal species that are often overlooked or are in desperate need of protection.

Tales by Light

“Tales by Light” TV series was directed and shot by Abraham Joffe during 2014-16. A co-production between Untitled Film Works and Canon Australia, the production was shot in 4K resolution across 20 countries. It followed the adventures of some of the world's greatest working image-makers in fields such as nature, landscape and underwater photography. It aired primetime on the National Geographic Channel and was picked up for global release on Netflix in November 2016. Series 2 of Tales by Light was released in October 2016.

The series has received numerous awards for its cinematography and storytelling.

It is through Tales by Light that Abraham and his team formed strong relationships with many of the expedition leaders featured on Awestore.

"Awe is what best describes the feeling that washes over you when encountering animals in the wild. Moments that etch into your memory forever."
15th - 24th August 2018
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"Obviously I want spectacular imagery, but what’s more important to me is a well-crafted, well-covered story."
Abraham Joffe ACS

Abraham is an experienced underwater cameraman with over 15 years filming beneath the surface. He currently holds advanced diving certifications and is cold water/solo capable. He has shot marine projects in East Timor, the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, Tonga, Vanuatu, Indonesia, Norway, the Bahamas and in all Australian states.
This passion of diving and wildlife sees him leading the first Australian-lead Anaconda expedition in Brazil in 2017.

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