Whale Sharks
4 day expedition

During July, these gentle giants converge in Isla Mujeres in Mexico for the largest whale shark aggregation in the world, feeding on tiny planktonic creatures that spawn in huge numbers along the continental shelf.

In addition to these colossal creatures, we also have the chance to see mantas, mobula rays, turtles and even sailfish.

Our mission is to maximize our time in the water and create the best interactions possible.
We would love to have you join us for a breathtaking experience with these gentle giants.

12th - 17th July 2017
From US $2,275 per person
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We depart at 7am sharp. If the whale sharks are aggregating in a consistent location, we are hopefully in the water by 8 am. For the next hour or two, we typically have the whale sharks to ourselves. We work in groups of 3, rotating in and out of the water. The topside action is spectacular with incredible photo opportunities, so out-of-water time is quite productive. In the water, if you haven't done this trip before, you will likely have more whale shark encounters within 5 minutes, than your entire prior experiences combined. Words cannot describe the quantity and proximity of the whale sharks nor the excitement you will feel! Around noon, most of the day boats have departed and we have another hour or two alone with the whale sharks. At 2 pm, per the regulations, we are out of the water. After as many as 6 hours with the sharks, we turn south and head back to shore for a swim in the pool and image processing time.

"The expedition will offer a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity in a single morning on just a few swims, it's truly mind boggling."
 Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Jim Abernethy
Expedition Leader
"I have an unprecedented passion and enthusiasm for diving and the conservation of sharks."
Expedition highlights

Our mission is to maximise your time in the water and create the best interactions possible.

Arriving at the whale shark locations earlier and staying beyond the time most day tours operate, we are able to offer countless intimate interactions with these massive, yet harmless, creatures.

Included in this adventure is 6 nights at the enchanting Playa la Media Luna Hotel, located at the northeast point of Isla Mujeres.

What's included

Swim with whale sharks in warm tropical waters.

Spend almost 6 hours a day watching these graceful fish.

Receive expert guidance.

Snorkel in small groups so you can spend solitary time with the sharks.

Day 1 to Day 4

Arrive Morning or Afternoon of the first day (fly in or out of Cancún International Airport). The next 4 days are spent meeting and snorkelling with the graceful whale sharks.

On board the expedition boat all lunch and snacks are included on the boat, free of charge. This consists of sandwiches, fruit, chips, bars, soft drinks, and water. For an extra charge, we can provide deli wraps or sandwiches of your choice. You are responsible for your breakfast; however, we also arrange warm breakfast burritos for an additional charge. Dinner is also separate and usually costs less than $25 per person with drinks. Each evening we head out together and enjoy Mexican dining at any one of the fun restaurants on the island. Dinner is a great time where we catch up on the day’s activities and share stories of our adventures.

Getting around

Golf carts are the primary mode of transportation on this island. They are fun and efficient. They are also necessary as we are a good mile from the pier and need to transfer ourselves and camera gear to and from the boat each day. We rent golf carts for the group, the cost of which is included in your overall price. We also use these to tour the island, to travel to turtle nesting sites, and to visit the turtle rescue and research centre.

Equipment for the expedition

A wetsuit is required (unless you want to wear a life vest), however, the water is quite warm. We recommend a thin shorty or full (3mm or less). Keep in mind, brighter colors generally look great against the blue water backdrop. You will likely be swimming a LOT, so we recommend comfortable, full-foot fins (leave your heavy/stiff open-heel fins at home) and neoprene socks. Bring plenty of sunscreen with high SPF as you will be exposed to lots of sun.


For guests with cameras, strobes are not allowed and, frankly, not necessary either. Last year, we shot everything without strobes using as wide a lens as possible. We also strongly recommend not bringing more than two cameras or more than one laptop, to avoid problems with customs. However, you may wish to bring two cameras – one for in water and one for topside. The hotel accommodation has standardised American electrical outlets. Travel plugs are not required for U.S. guests.

Your hotel

We stay at Playa La Media Luna on Isla Mujeres. It is located toward the northeast point of the island. The hotel has free Wi-Fi and an ocean-side pool. This is where we rinse and relax after returning from our day on the water. Please indicate whether you would like your own room or are sharing.

12th - 17th July 2017
from US $2,275 per person

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