6 day expedition

The Masai Mara is of course most famous for the river crossings of the wildebeest across the Mara. However, what many people don’t realise is that this is the predator capital of Africa. No where else is the lion density higher or the cheetah numbers higher. 4 resident leopards are known to reside within 10 minutes from our camp and of course the hyenas in the Mara are famous for their clean up acts. And why February for the predator tour? Well, its just after the short rains and the grass is nice and green but still short and most of the predators have young now, which allows for some intimate images of cubs and pups and of course quite importantly, there is very little tourist traffic around. We will have much of the area to ourselves.

22nd - 29th September 2018.
From US$3,950 per person
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The beauty of this tour is that we will be using our well-known Masai guides who have worked with Awestore and C4 Photo Safaris for the last 8 years and know the area and predators intimately.

For many people living in Africa, the Masai Mara is a seemingly unachievable dream destination. In recent times this has become even more difficult to reach due to the strengthening of the US Dollar against other currencies.

C4 Photo Safaris recognises this and so, together with our partners, we planned a Masai Mara photo safari that is exclusively for African residents. In order to make this safari possible we will be accommodated at Ilkelliani camp in the Masai Mara. This camp is right on the Talek River overlooking the famous plains on which the migration cross. The safari itinerary will be the same as each of our other Masai Mara safaris. You will have the same C4 Photo Safaris guides and level of photographic expertise as on all of our safaris and enjoy the same sightings as our other safaris.

We have always wanted to share the beauty, thrill and excitement of the Masai Mara with our clients.

"The camp is on the Talek River of the Masai Mara reserve with direct access onto the open plains."
 Masai Mara, Kenya
Ruth Nussbaum
Expedition Leader
"Ruth has an innate love for travel and wildlife, her passion for photography works hand in hand."
Expedition highlights

Lions live for 10–14 years in the wild, while in captivity they can live longer than 20 years. In the wild, males seldom live longer than 10 years, as injuries sustained from continual sighting with rival males greatly reduce their longevity. They typically inhabit savanna and grassland, although they may take to bush and forest. Lions are unusually social compared to other cats.

A pride of lions consists of related females and offspring and a small number of adult males. Groups of female lions typically hunt together, preying mostly on large ungulates. Lions are apex and keystone predators, although they are also expert scavengers obtaining over 50 percent of their food by scavenging as opportunity allows. While lions do not typically hunt humans, some have been known to do so. Sleeping mainly during the day, lions are primarily nocturnal, although bordering on crepuscular in nature.

What's included

Internal flights to and from the Masai Mara.

Entrance and accommodation
(2 persons per tent) to the reserve.

All park fees.

All meals.

Personally guided drives by professional wildlife photographers.

Game activities.

The services of our guides.

Day 1

Arrive in Kenya’s capital of Nairobi early morning. A C4 Photo Safari representative with a 'C4 Photo Safaris' sign typed on a name board will meet you and transfer you to the Wilson Airport for your chartered flight into the Mara. Your will then be transferred from the Airstrip to the Ilkeliani Camp for your 5 nights stay.

You will be staying in a classic East African style safari camp consisting of canvas tents, staffed by local Maasai. You will have en-suite bathrooms with flush loos, flowing water and hot showers. While traditional, the camp is comfortable with large beds and private verandah’s. In the afternoon we will sample one of Africa’s greatest ecosystems.

Day 2 to 6

Ilkeliani Camp, Masai Mara.

For these five full days, we will focus on showing you the best of the Masai Mara and this will include tracking the migration and getting to the heart of the action. You will be taken out each morning in first light. We will have Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles from which to photograph. Each client will have their own row in the vehicle with open windows, ensuring that everyone has ample room to photograph from.

Depending on how and where the migration is moving, we might spend whole days in the reserve taking a picnic lunch along with us. We will spend the best crossing points on the Mara River and spend pleasant hours watching the wildebeest mass on the banks with hungry crocs waiting below. If we are patient enough and fortune favours us, we will witness a wildebeest crossing, arguably the most spectacular wildlife event on the planet. Beside the actual visual spectacle, the noise of the crossing is something that will never be forgotten. Besides tracking and following the migration, we will search for as many predators as possible,including cheetah, as the great plains are home to these majestic cats. You will also enjoy unfamiliar sights of general game such as Topi standing aloft termite mounds and tiny shy dik dik’s going about their daily routine. The Mara also houses some of the largest buffalo bulls on the continent and a huge density of raptors. A special for birders, amongst others, is the large and relatively common Rupell’s griffon.

Day 6


After a last morning game drive, we return to camp for a hearty brunch before departing to the airstrip at 11h00 where we return to Nairobi. A transfer back to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport - your hotel concludes the safari. Most of the international flights depart in the early evening and this ts with most connections. This is unfortunately the end of the tour and another special package from C4 Photo Safaris.

C4 Photo Safaris look forward to hosting you in the Mara for the greatest wildlife show on the planet.

22nd - 29th September 2018.
from US$3,950 per person

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