Hammerheads & Tigers
6 day or 7 day expedition

We invite you to join us aboard the MV Shear Water for an up close experience with some of the largest sharks in the world!

Our expeditions offer intimate, cage-free encounters with a variety of small and large sharks. These species include reef, nurse, lemon, tiger, great hammerhead and oceanic white-tip sharks.
These expeditions are dedicated to the love and conservation of these magnificent creatures, upon which the health of the ocean relies.

Imagine kneeling in the white, Bahamian sand, leaning back and enjoying the swarm of lemon and reef sharks – but these smaller sharks are not the sharks you are here to see. You stop noticing them after you recognise the blunt nose and amazing girth of a 14-foot tiger shark slowly swimming an S-pattern around your dive group. She comes close, closer than you thought she would, investigating the strobes of your neighbour’s camera. Remoras dance around her massive body, free-swimming from shark to shark.
As she swims away from the group another, even larger, tiger comes down the runway, ignoring the swarms of lemon and reef sharks.
This is the adventure of a lifetime!

3rd January - 10th April 2018
From US$2,950 per person
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From the months of November through to April we offer expeditions to dive with the Great Hammerheads and Tiger Sharks on our dive boat the MV Shear Water.

To attract sharks we use crated bait in the water and this is a highly effective way of drawing the sharks in closer. Before diving, guests listen to an extensive safety briefing and there is always at least one crew member in the water with divers to monitor divers, bait and sharks.

Please be aware that these are not 'cage' dives, these are open water experiences, and each dive site location is different in depth and the current will vary from site to site.

The amount of diving available to guests is based on safely adhering to 'no-decompression limits'. Most days have unlimited diving, although if we dive at deeper reefs we may be limited to 3 - 5 dives a day due to time factors. You can choose to dive as much or as little as you would like in the time we have.

This expedition is specially geared towards professional photographers and videographers, and we are delighted to assist our guests in setting up the perfect shot. In addition to a large rinse bin for photographic equipment, the MV Shear Water is equipped with plenty of charging stations for camera equipment.

"These expeditions are dedicated to the love and conservation of these magnificent creatures."
Jim Abernethy
Expedition Leader
Expedition highlights

Our primary goal is to interact with Great Hammerhead Sharks and Tiger Sharks. These spectacular animals are among the most impressive, yet rarely observed oceanic predators. The Great Hammerhead should not to be confused with the smaller and more common scalloped hammerhead, which can be seen schooling in many locations around the world. Encountering the Great Hammerhead, with its spectacular angularity, its Orca-like dorsal fin, and its bristle-toothed mouth, is at the very pinnacle of wildlife adventure.

We have several locations in the Bahamas, to dive or to drop anchor, that are protected from strong winds in case of bad weather. We have an excellent chef on board who creates a variety of meals catered to our guests' dietary needs.

What's included

A 'nearly' unlimited amount of diving with sharks.

Accommodation aboard the MV Shear Water as well as bed linens, pillow and towels.

Tanks filled with air, and weights for diving.

All customs & immigration fees, as well as Bahamian Taxes.

All meals, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.

Boarding day and day 1

Check-in between 10am and 4pm at our dive shop in Lake Park, Florida before boarding the boat at 5pm, we then enjoy dinner together at 7pm.

On day 1 we clear customs in the Bahamas between 8am and 9am before heading out on the MV Shear Water to the first dive site.

Drivers are available to pick up you up with our expedition van (holds 10 people) at the Palm Beach International Airport for a small fee. Please let us know you if would like to be picked up at least a week in advance of your arrival. Our driver will be waiting for you outside of the luggage pick-up in a shark covered van - it will be hard to miss us.

Day 2 to 6

Continue diving throughout the day and night, visiting various dive sites.

Clear US Customs between 8am and 9am, and disembark between 10am and 11am ready for your trip home.

Expedition boat

The MV Shear Water is a 65’ twin engine Hidalgo and can accommodate 10 guests and 4 crew members.

All of our crew members are 'PADI Divemasters' or Instructors certified to the International Standards of training, certification and watchkeeping for seafarers.

All bed linens and towels are supplied and there are two full bathrooms with showers; soap, shampoo and conditioner are provided.

The air-conditioned vessel has 110-v power throughout. The back deck has a hot, fresh water hose as well as soap, shampoo and conditioner. Due to space limitations please bring soft bags to store clothing and equipment. Large suitcases can be stored at our office for the duration of the charter.

The boat is air conditioned, so we also recommend a pair of warm pants and a sweatshirt.

The sleeping quarters include three small cabins and the V-berth with each private cabin offering an upper and lower berth (with storage under the lower berth). The bow area, or V-berth has two sets of upper and lower berths with privacy curtains for each bunk.

What to bring

The water temperature in the Bahamas ranges from 72 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. A 3mm - 5mm wetsuit is recommended. Bring a toiletry bag for personal items (shampoo, conditioner, and soap are provided). Remember to pack lightly, so bring bathing suits, shorts, t-shirts, and a windbreaker or heavier jacket if it’s fall or winter.

Make sure to bring a dive light, back up light, batteries and a snorkel.

Please do not bring shoes that will leave marks on the deck. Flip-flops are not recommended.

3rd January - 10th April 2018
from US$2,950 per person

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