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22nd - 29th September 2018.

The Masai Mara is of course most famous for the river crossings of the wildebeest across the Mara. However, what many people don’t realise is that this is the predator capital of Africa. No where else is the lion density higher or the cheetah numbers higher. 4 resident leopards are known to reside within 10 minutes from our camp and of course the hyenas in the Mara are famous for their clean up acts. And why February for the predator tour? Well, its just after the short rains and the grass is nice and green but still short and most of the predators have young now, which allows for some intimate images of cubs and pups and of course quite importantly, there is very little tourist traffic around. We will have much of the area to ourselves.

From US$3,950 per person
Aug-Sept-Oct 2017 and 2018
Humpback Whales

To look a humpback whale in the eye is a real privilege, and like no other wildlife experience on the planet. Swimming with whales is, by no means, an easy task; we’re dealing with wild animals in a very big ocean. We offer multi-day trips to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience. With your patience, and with faith in your skipper and guide’s experience, you’ll be rewarded with unmatched interactions. Darren Jew has been hosting whale swimming tours since 2001 and his experience as a photo-host in Tonga is unequaled. He’s hand-picked a fabulous team of skippers and guides to help bring you the best whale encounters possible.


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