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3rd January - 10th April 2018
Hammerheads & Tigers

We invite you to join us aboard the MV Shear Water for an up close experience with some of the largest sharks in the world!

Our expeditions offer intimate, cage-free encounters with a variety of small and large sharks. These species include reef, nurse, lemon, tiger, great hammerhead and oceanic white-tip sharks.
These expeditions are dedicated to the love and conservation of these magnificent creatures, upon which the health of the ocean relies.

Imagine kneeling in the white, Bahamian sand, leaning back and enjoying the swarm of lemon and reef sharks – but these smaller sharks are not the sharks you are here to see. You stop noticing them after you recognise the blunt nose and amazing girth of a 14-foot tiger shark slowly swimming an S-pattern around your dive group. She comes close, closer than you thought she would, investigating the strobes of your neighbour’s camera. Remoras dance around her massive body, free-swimming from shark to shark.
As she swims away from the group another, even larger, tiger comes down the runway, ignoring the swarms of lemon and reef sharks.
This is the adventure of a lifetime!

From US$2,950 per person
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