The Awe Story

Awestore was created to enable people to experience the greatest animal encounters on the planet.

“Awe” is the closest word to describe the feeling that comes from being in the close presence of wild and free animals.

All experts have been hand-picked to be part of the Awestore community. Chosen for their dedication and passion, they are committed to providing the very best experiences in the field for their clients.

Whilst many of the expeditions have a photographic angle, Awestore is for anybody who has a thirst for adventure and a love of the wild.

How Awestore came to be

The idea for Awestore originated with filmmaker Abraham Joffe. His perpetual challenge to seek out the most experienced and dedicated field guides for his documentaries led him to believe that a portal bringing together the world's best operators was needed.

And thus, Awestore was born.

Abraham's personal Rolodex of contacts has since developed into a community that aims to bring the most awe-inspiring wildlife encounters to the public.

All expeditions have been vetted before being invited to join Awestore, with each adventure offering unique and intimate experiences with some of the world's most incredible creatures.

People can book knowing that they will have great wildlife encounters alongside responsible, conservation-first professionals.

With so much of the natural world under threat, we believe that sustainable wildlife expeditions can help people reconnect to nature and motivate further protection of our most treasured ecosystems.

"Encounters that ignite the sensory-awe that only the wild can produce."
15th - 24th August 2018
from AU$8,800 per person
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"Experiences that I have had in the wild live with me every day. Its a privilege to be able to return and spend time with our most precious animals."
Abraham Joffe

As well as bringing together the very best wildlife encounters, Awestore is proud to have the support of some great partners.

Canon Australia and Nauticam are both offering special rates on photographic and housing equipment to be able to bring your experiences home with you.

More information on these exclusive offers coming soon.

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